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Aufstieg von Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Olympiastadion) über Partnachklamm, Kälbersteig
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Ascent starting from Partenkirchen (Olympic Stadium) via “Partnach-Gorge” and “Kälbersteig” (= Calves´ Trail).
(Duration 4 - 5 hours)

This ascent is a strenuous one!

As a compensation for this, it starts with a natural spectacle, the “Partnach-Gorge”. Starting from the car park at the Partenkirchen Olympic Stadium, you follow the trail leading through the “Partnach-Gorge”. The walk to the entrance of this gorge can be shortened by booking a coach ride at the Olympic Stadium (West).

ATTENTION! The Partnachklamm is open from 6 am to 10 pm; at night the gorge is blocked.
About 900 feet after having passed the gorge, you follow a forest road till you come across a sign leading you to “Kälbersteig” (= Calves´ Trail). In the beginning this trail is a steep one, and can be very inconvenient when wet! You will be walking through dense forest, and cross several forest roads. In its last third, the Calves´ Trail gets very steep again, before it reaches the trail the King himself used to travel, leading to “Schachen” (= accommodation, restaurant, and King`s House).

This hike is about  5,6 miles long and takes you 3 to 3 ½ hours after having passed through the “Partnach-Gorge”, and 4 - 5 hours from the “Olympic Stadium”. It has a difference in altitude of about 3450 feet.

Aufstieg von GarmischPartenkirchen (Olympiastadion) über Partnachklamm, Reintal, Oberreintal
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Ascent from Partenkirchen (Olympic Stadium) via  “Partnach Gorge”, Reintal-Valley, on to “Oberreintal-Valley”.
(Duration 4½ to 5½ hours)

Up to the end of “Partnach-Gorge”, this path takes the same direction as is described above.

ATTENTION! The Partnachklamm is open from 6 am to 10 pm; at night the gorge is blocked.
From there you turn right and follow the signs past the “Partnach River” towards Reintal-Valley. In about 1 ½  miles you come across the path leading to Oberreintal-Valley and on to the mountain-cabin there (Oberreintalhütte).

The path ascents in many serpentines, past the Oberreintal-creek, with many scenic waterfalls along the way. After about 3 hours you arrive at the “Oberreintal-Valley”.
Having passed it, you will cross an area of scree and mountain pines, towards a mountain ridge named “Teufelsgsaß”. At that point, the path gets very demanding and needs a lot of experience. Parts of it are slightly exposed but secured by ropes. When you have arrived at the highest point, be sure to take a look down into Reintal-Valley at the so called “Belvedere” (King`s Viewpoint). From there it will only take you a few more minutes to “Schachen” (accommodation and restaurant), as well as to the outstanding “King`s House”.
The trail is about 6 miles long and has a difference in altitude of 3450 feet. Of all ascents, this one is the most demanding! It is absolutely necessary to wear good hiking boots!
The major part of this trail`s difference in altitude has to be done in only one steep ascent from Oberreintal-Valley!

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